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List of most popular basketball leagues in the world

Basketball enjoys global cheer as one of the top-tier sports. Practiced by individuals worldwide, the game is widely appreciated across the globe. Online basketball gaming fans not only play but keenly follow basketball leagues, and also love the top skilled basketball players. Basketball’s huge popularity lead the way to the formation of major leagues across different regions of the globe, all following the universal gameplay rules.

The surging popularity of basketball has naturally sparked a growing interest in basketball betting. This fast-paced and dynamic sport, blending skill, strategy, fitness, and teamwork, has enthralled global fans for decades with its exhilarating and nail-biting finishes.

So does betting on basketball games, an exciting adventure for fans to engage more statistically, and understand the pros, cons, and performance metrics. Research deeply, applying strategies, and knowing game insights, unknown to others with the potential to reap financial rewards can help you in gaining more. 96in com fulfills all your needs when it comes to basketball betting.

Best Basketball Leagues in the world 2024

Here at 96in com, we have mentioned the best basketball leagues in the world to bet on. As we offer a wide variety of betting options such as handicap betting, odds betting, live betting, total betting, moneyline betting, player prop bets, and lot. Along with expert opinions, gaming tips, blogs, stats, and a lot.


The very first edition of the NBA was started back on June 6, 1946, in New York City. The National Basketball League (NBA) has 30 teams per season competing against each other, mainly in the US, while one represents Canada. If we look down the NBA’s rich history then we’ll find The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers leading the tally with 17 wins each, marking their dominance in the league. You can predict on NBA games via 96in. com, as the a wide range of online basketball gaming options on this league games.


The EuroLeague is a similar version of its counterpart soccer’s Champions League in basketball. It features top European clubs qualifying annually. Teams participate in EuroLeague matches midweek, go with by participation in their respective national leagues on weekends.

The EuroCup, governed by the EuroLeague, serves as Europe’s secondary transnational basketball league. Teams make qualification through domestic league achievements, participation in other competitions, or invitation from the EuroLeague. Winning in the EuroCup gives teams promotion to the EuroLeague.

EuroLeague is watched in more than 201 countries across the globe, the league enjoys massive global viewership. In China itself, an impressive 245 million households eagerly track its events. For fans in the United States and Canada, NBA TV provides comprehensive coverage. Particularly, during the 2017-2018 season, the league gets an average 8,780 match attendance, securing its position as the second most-watched professional basketball league globally, after the NBA.

Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga (BBL)

This basketball competition, called as Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga is currently known as a mid-tier European competition. It is expected to move up among the continent’s other top basketball events in the near future. BBL’s strong funding, effective marketing, and high attendance contribute to this positive view of this online basketball league. In particular, a stream of upcoming German talents within the national team system, challenging some to feature it as a future powerhouse in European football.

Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A (LBA)

Started in the year 1920, the LBA is known as one of Europe’s oldest professional basketball leagues. 96in. com gives you news, insights, opinions, and team schedules sticking to the two specific formulas: a combination of five non-European Union players and five Italian players, or three non-European Union players, four European Union players, and five Italians. This unique composition rule differentiates the LBA, contributing to its amazing and multiple-player lineups.

Greek A1 League

Greek A1 Basketball League was founded in 1927. For years, the league has been dominated by two awesome Athens-based teams, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. Their tough basketball competition is globally known, defining the league’s top level.

Spain’s Liga ACB

Established in 1957, the Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto (ACB) has long been ruled by FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, claiming 51 of the 60 titles. Similar to many non-NBA professional leagues, ACB employs a relegation system where the bottom two teams in standings face demotion to LEB Oro, the second division. Concurrently, the top two teams from LEB Oro ascend to the ACB, ensuring a dynamic lineup. This structure adds strength to the competition, promoting a continuous exchange between the top and second-division teams in Spanish basketball.

Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL)

NBL was started in the year 1979, this basketball league originated with 8 teams, out of which seven teams are from Australia and one from New Zealand.

Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL)

This basketball was started in the year 1966, while the Basketball Super League (BSL) has roots dating back to 1904 when basketball first came into the country. Important financial investments are crucial for the league’s growth, positioning it to potentially surpass the quality of play in the ACB. Currently, Istanbul’s Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahce are the 2 best basketball teams in Europe. With important highly skilled players and teams contributing to its rise. The BSL’s rich history and ongoing financial backing underscore its course towards becoming the highest competition in European basketball.

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

Also called as one of Asia’s premier basketball league founded in the year 1995. In this online basketball tournament, Teams are restricted to two foreign players (with a few exceptions), allowing them a total of six quarters. Due to the limitations and dependence on Chinese players, the overall gameplay falls below the standards set by leading European leagues. The league playoffs are played in March, providing a unique opportunity for players to join NBA teams before the NBA playoffs starts.

Lithuania’s LKL

It can be said that Basketball is as a second religion in Lithuania. A nation with 3 million population has an amazing fandom of basketball in the country. During the Soviet Union’s rule, Lithuanian teams participated in the Soviet League. Post-independence in 1993, the LKL (Lietuvos krepsinio lyga) come out as a popular basketball competition. This league is backed by Hall of Famer Sarunas Marciulionis, Lithuania’s inaugural NBA player. Marciulionis’ financial support the league and played an important role in formation of the league, solidifying basketball’s significance in the country’s culture and history.


Basketball is a popular global sport played around the world in different leagues format and NBA is the popular league in it. Other than NBA there are other leagues such as EuroLeague, Spain's Liga ACB, Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL), Russia's VTB United League, Germany's Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), Italy's Lega Basket Serie A (LBA), France's LNB Pro A, Adriatic League (ABA), etc.
NBA teams have an overall record of 125–17 against EuroLeague teams. In terms of viewership and overall money involvement NBA is way ahead of other basketball leagues in the world.
The NBA, anchored by five key leagues – NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K League, and Basketball Africa League – boasts a significant global footprint. Its games and programming reach audiences in 215 countries and territories, delivered in over 50 languages. This extensive international presence solidifies the NBA's position as a major player in the world of professional sports.