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List of Most Popular Cricket Leagues in the World

Cricket is looked up as a sporting religion in nations like India, England, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. This sport has gained unique global popularity. Its energetic nature, showcased through multiple formats, makes it an amazing, interesting, and most importantly make it more amazing sport, especially for online cricket gaming fans. This research digs into the rich history and complications of prestigious global cricket leagues, shedding light on their cultural importance.

From the respected traditions of Test cricket to the excitement of T20 competitions, world cricket has a wide range of leagues, each taking control of its unique attraction. The history behind these tournaments shows legacies that have deeply influenced the cricketing world. Top cricket leagues are attracting fans across different generations. The combination of skill, strategy, and passion in these leagues requires an ideal platform like 96in for online sports gaming fans.

This journey not only goes across the historical work of renowned cricket leagues but also guides new online sports gaming fans by focusing on navigating the difficulties of online cricket betting.

Top 10 Popular Cricket Leagues Played Worldwide

Played in different Test, ODI, and T20 formats, you will find the global view of online cricket gaming with the top 10 cricketbook leagues at 96in app. With multiple formats, Cricket has a wide audience loving the game, and the reason behind making it accessible to all. Navigating too many leagues might seem overwhelming for newcomers, but 96in simplifies the process by highlighting the largest and most popular 10 cricket leagues played and watched worldwide.

1. ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

Now Cricket is played by men, women, and kids in different age categories, domestic and International level. But initially, the game of cricket was played by men only. Later on, after many years, women’s cricket also started at the International level. For the ODI format, also called as one-day International 50-overs game, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup held after 4 years, since 1975, stands as cricket’s main trophy. In the 21st century, with the huge jump in popularity of various cricket formats, the World Cup retains its prime position in the world stage. With a structure comprising a round-robin phase and subsequent knockout rounds, the tournament has the participation of 10 teams. ICC also conducts the U19 World Cup tournament for men and women. You can also explore the women’s U19 cricket World Cup 2023 schedule here at 96in com.

2. ICC Champions Trophy

Established in 1998 as the ICC Knockout Tournament, the ICC Champions Trophy, an ODI competition, has evolved significantly. Originally held every four years, the tournament was discontinued in 2017 to streamline prizes across cricket formats. However, in 2021, the ICC reversed its decision, to bring back the event, which is lined up to make a comeback in 2025.

3. T20 World Cup

The very first T20 world cup held in the year 2007 became a vital cricketing need for cricket fans. Witnessed the huge popularity in T20 format of Cricket. Featuring top-skilled global players representing their nations, it has a similar importance like the ICC ODI World Cup. T20 world cup is played every second year and strongly set up itself as an important fixture in the cricket calendar. Everyone remembers the 2022 T20 World Cup Virat Kohli’s heroic sixes against the deadly Pakistani bowling lineup. If we look at the history of the most wickets in the T20 World Cup we will find Bangladeshi all-rounder Shakib al Hasan at the top of the list.

4. Ashes Series

The Ashes is one of the world’s oldest cricketing competitions. Played in test format, happens every two years as a best-of-five test series between England and Australia. Hosted alternately by the teams, the month-long tournament has five test matches. Loved by viewers across the globe, it stands as an important test series, known for its exceptional cricket quality. The next Ashes series will take place in November 2025.

5. Champions League Twenty20

The annual Champions League Twenty20, conducted from 2008 to 2014, comprised twelve teams engaging in a September to October round-robin and knockout format. Franchise teams from eight test-playing nations used to participate in the tournament, but the tournament ceased in 2014 due to low viewership.

6. Indian Premier League

Starting in the year 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) known as the globe’s biggest cricket league, with rising popularity every year. As an annual event, where season started in March and ends in May, has a massive viewership of almost 400 million. IPL has made its status as one of the largest sporting global event. With ten teams contesting for the prize. The Mumbai Indians reign as the most successful franchise in IPL history. Renowned as the highest level of T20 competitions, the IPL attracts cricket fans worldwide and has evolved into an iconic sporting happening, drawing widespread acclaim for its thrilling matches and star-studded line-ups. You can predict Indian premier league cricket results on 96 online Cricket Betting app.

7. Pakistan Super League (PSL)

PSL also known as Pakistan Super League is a cricket tournament played in Pakistan between 6 franchise teams. It was started back in 2015. You can check the PSL live score here at 96in com and start online cricket betting on your favorite team.

8. Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy, named after two cricket legends Sunil Gavaskar and Allen Border from India and Australia. It is an amazing test cricket series contest between Australia and India. Started in the year 1996 and has seen 16 editions as of now. BGT known as a witness to the skills of both teams. India has been the dominant force in BGT so far by winning the series 10 times, showing their cricketing excellence. Apart from that, both teams compete in T20s and ODI formats as well. Ind vs Aus 2023 was a nail-biter contest happened in Australia & India won the tournament.

9. Asia Cup

The Asia Cup stands as the sole continental cricket competition globally. This tournament is played in an alternating format between T20 and ODI tournaments. Established in 1984, this unique event has seen India come out as the dominant force, clinching victory seven times. Most wickets in Asia Cup 2022, played in the T20 format were taken by Sri Lankan players, Asia Cup 2023 tickets were sold out for Indian cricket team games in Sri Lanka. India comes out as the winner of the last 2023 Asia Cup.

10. Caribbean Premier League

The CPL T20 is a Twenty20 cricket competition inspired by the renowned IPL T20 league, established by West Indies Cricket in 2013. This tournament comprises a total of 34 matches, featuring two qualifiers, one eliminator, and a final, following a format similar to the IPL. You can do dream 11 team prediction on CPL games via 96in. com.

History of cricket competitions

The origins of cricket are unclear but it can said that cricket is rooted in South-East England, with Kent and Sussex serving as its initial home. Despite its continuing popularity in England over centuries, cricket did not truly evolve into a competitive sport until the late 1800s.

An important moment in cricket’s history opened with the beginning of the first County Championship in England in 1890. By then, the sport had crossed national borders, leading to the inaugural Ashes series in 1892/93. At the same time, various commonwealth nations were actively organizing their domestic cricket tournaments—Australia introduced the Sheffield Cup, South Africa initiated the Currie Cup, New Zealand started the Plunket Shield, and India launched the Ranji Trophy.

Cricket’s momentum increased actively throughout the 20th century, coming to head in the set up of the ICC Men’s World Cup in 1975, preparing the way for women’s cricket. The start of the 21st century witnessed the beginning of new cricketing leagues, moved by the rise of T20 cricket. After seeing a huge jump in the popularity of T20 cricket in the year 2008, BCCI decided to start the Indian Premier League (IPL).

This pace of creating new leagues is a continuous process, in which the formation of The Hundred in 2021, Dubai t10 league. SA20 league, etc these leagues has also gained wide popularity within a short time. The energetic evolution of cricket, marked by the introduction of innovative formats and leagues, underscores the sport’s skillful and increasing global appeal.

How many formats are in cricket?

Cricket is a globally well-defined sport, giving competitions across various formats. The primary cricket formats involve –

  • Twenty20 (T20) – a format that has witnessed a rise in popularity during the 21st century. In T20, 40 overs a game is been played in which the team plays 20 overs each. This format’s global appeal has increased its popularity among people, with renowned leagues like the Indian Premier League gaining international size.
  • One Day Internationals (ODIs) – Summarizing the form of single-day 100 over international ODI matches, where each team has 50 overs each. The ICC Cricket World Cup stands as the most crucial ODI tournament, having global attention from fans.
  • Test cricket – glorified by many as the most important format, where both teams contest, and as the name of the format says it tests players on skills, endurance, stamina, and every sports aspect. Teams engage in two innings each over five days and strategic ability. Despite the lively evolution of shorter formats, Test cricket retains its respected status, enhancing the broad and go-through nature of the sport.

What are test rankings in cricket?

The ICC test rankings categorize the 12 test cricket-playing nations, with updates following each match. Formerly, the top-ranked team received a cash prize on April 1st, but this practice has been discontinued as the world test championship is been introduced, in which teams have to play in 6 bilateral tournaments 3 home & 3 away. Points in each bilateral series are divided as per the number of matches. Winning and drawing games give you points. At the end of the 2-year cycle, the Top 2 teams in that table compete against each other in a final match in England.

What are ODI rankings?

Rankings were used to look after the team’s performance in International games, with the help of rankings, it is easy to identify top global teams. ICC ODI rankings were also used to figure out the top teams to get direct entry in ICC events.

What are T20 rankings?

T20 rankings figure out international T20 teams using a practiced formula adapted by ICC, similar to test and ODI rankings. Points are assigned after each match, affecting a team’s standing in the rankings.

What is the best cricket tournament to bet on?

It depends upon an individual and their choice. There are many tournaments available for online cricket betting at 96in com –

  • ODI world cup
  • T20 World cup
  • IPL – Indian premier league
  • BBL – australia t20 league Big bash league
  • BGT – Border Gavaskar trophy
  • Ashes – Australia vs England
  • Champions trophy
  • Asia cup
  • Natwest Series
  • County cricket
  • The hundred
  • T10 league
  • Legends league cricket
The Indian Premier League clinches the title effortlessly, boasting a global audience of approximately 400 million. It stands as not only the most-watched cricket league but also ranks among the world's most-viewed sporting events, showcasing its widespread popularity.
The Ashes, the world's oldest cricket tournament, occurs biannually between England and Australia. This historic five-day test series, initiated in 1883 (with disputed reports pointing to 1882), comprises five tests. The coveted prize is an urn, famously called the Ashes, awarded to the victorious team.
The ICC Men's World Cup, cricket's most lucrative event, boasts the largest prize pool. In the 2023 edition, the ICC disclosed a substantial $10 million prize fund allocated among participating teams. The champions and finalists stand to earn $4 million and $2 million, while the remaining share is distributed among the other eight tournament contenders.