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The Exciting World of
European Cricket

Cricket, often considered a sport of passion and precision, has found a thriving home in Europe through various leagues and tournaments.

What Completes World of European Cricket?

Cricket is considered as a religion in many Asian countries where people are crazy about this sport. You can see people playing cricket on streets, grounds, backyards, clubs, and many other places. Sports of cricket is often considered for passion and precision. If we go through the history of cricket, we will find its roots in England. Have you ever wondered what makes it popular? Yes, the rule of Great Britain on countries makes it popular in British colonies. In easy words, we could also say cricket is more popular in commonwealth-playing nations. Nowadays, Cricket has found a thriving home in Europe through various leagues and tournaments. Among these, the European Cricket Network (ECN) stands out as a beacon of excitement and growth, connecting fans, players, and fans across the continent.

What makes European Cricket League more exciting?

The European Cricket Network, or ECN, isn’t just about cricket matches; it’s a vast platform to promote the love for the game. With its high-quality TV broadcasts, engaging media content, and comprehensive statistics, the ECN brings European cricket events to life. But it’s more than just a digital platform; it’s a community where fans, federations, players, and teams come together to celebrate the sport. Many factors make European cricket league an exciting way to celebrate and embrace cricket.

European Cricket Championships (ECC & ECC-W)

Imagine the Euros of cricket, where national teams battle with passion and pride. That’s precisely what the European Cricket Championships (ECC & ECC-W) offer. With matches played over weeks, these championships have become the highlight of Europe’s cricket calendar. From the intense 122-match Men’s Championship to the thrilling 23-match Women’s Championship, the ECC showcases the best of European cricket talent.

European Cricket League (ECL)

The European Cricket League, known as the Champions League of European cricket, is where domestic champions come to clash. With a format akin to a Champions League, the ECL brings together the best of the best. Each year, 35 champion clubs battle it out in a month-long extravaganza, captivating audiences worldwide with its day and night action.

European Cricket Series (ECS)

For cricket fans, the European Cricket Series (ECS) is a treat. With over 1,000 matches broadcasted annually, it’s the world’s largest televised cricket product. From Spain to Malta, Rome to Prague, the ECS ignites competitive club cricket across Europe. With events held in over 20 countries year-round, the ECS caters to a diverse audience of cricket lovers.

European Cricket Internationals (ECI & ECI-W)

The European Cricket Internationals (ECI & ECI-W) are where national teams shine. Played over weekends throughout the year, these events involve over 20 countries across Europe. They serve as a platform for unearthing talent, raising the bar, and developing rivalries. With a huge TV audience tuning in every Saturday and Sunday, the ECI sets the stage for the annual European Cricket Championships.

Cricket is gaining huge popularity in Europe

England is the powerhouse of cricket in Europe, they have a huge cricketing history and an amazing setup of club cricket where cricketers get ready to play on the International stage. They have National leagues like the T20 Blast, ODI Cup, The Hundred, and County Cricket where cricketers from across the globe come and play club-level test games in England. But there are other countries in Europe that are showing interest in playing cricket. Thanks to the T20 and T10 format. 

From the thrilling matches of the European Cricket Championships to the intense showdowns of the European Cricket League, cricket fever is sweeping across Europe. With the European Cricket Network at the helm, the sport continues to grow, connecting fans and players like never before. As the ECS brings televised cricket to living rooms across the continent, and the ECI unearths new talent, the future of cricket in Europe looks brighter than ever. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, join the excitement of European cricket today!

History of cricket

If we go back to the history of the game of cricket, we won’t find any specific date from where it was started, but it is largely said that initially England started playing cricket and promoted it in their colonies at that time. Now it is a popular sport among majority of commonwealth nations. Cricket has a rich history. In the very beginning, there is only test format in which cricket was been played. We hardly sees results on those days. At that time, it is largely played in England and Australia, where they have cricket ground and facilities. Later on changes in the format are done.

Test matches

Test format is a 5 day game, played in white clothes with red ball, where 90 overs are been bowled in a day. It is a 4 innings game where both teams have to bowl and bat twice. It is a day game, now pink ball test matches were also started, which were a day night game. In a test match day, we have 30-45 minutes lunch and 10-15 minutes tea breaks every day. Along with drinks breaks as per umpire needs. Unlike other formats test cricket doesn’t have any field restrictions. Every country and their weather conditions, pitches are different which makes it more difficult format. In this format players skills, endurance, strategies, abilities are tested. As of now only few countries played the test format. Teams need to take affiliation from ICC to play this format. There is world test championship, which is the two year long tournament, where top two teams of the table played final game at England.


Just to make cricket more interesting for spectators, cricket has been started played with white ball, coloured jersey with players names and favourite numbers on it. Initially, one day games were 60 overs each game. Which later on changed into 50 overs. Seeing its popularity with time and to attract more people to it, field restrictions and powerplays are introduced in this format. World cup in this format make it more popular among the fans, which is a biggest cricket event that comes every 4 years. Top 8 teams qualifies for it directly, while others have to reach qualifications to be a part of the world cup.


This twenty overs format is started to attract cricket more countries across the globe. Just like other sports like football which is a 90 minutes game, can be watched by fans after work. Keeping that thing in mind T20 format is been started by ICC (International cricket council). In it both teams have 20 overs each. Played with white ball, poweplay for 6 overs in which you can only keep 2 players outside first circle, need to complete overs in specific time, if not then you can only keep four players outside the circle. Seeing the popularity of the format, top 10 teams of the ranking qualify directly for the world cup, while other teams have to play qualifiers to be a part of the T20 world cup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is known as European Cricket League, organized by ECN (European Cricket Network). In this cricket tournament, teams across Europe participate in different leagues and games played.
This is a 10 overs format tournament organized by the European Cricket League. It took place in Malaga, Spain.
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Just to make cricket more famous across football loving european nations, cricket is played in a 10 overs format.
Ecs t10 played by Spain, Rome, Prague, Barcelona, Switzerland, Venice, Vienna, Capella, Croatia, Sweden, Cartaxo, Malmo, Milan, Krefeld, Austria, Cyprus, Stockholm, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Dresden, Kiel, Brescia, Rotterdam, Bologna, Bulgaria, etc.